Chapter 1

… And so it begins in Mayhemsville.  Thunderous clouds and stifling rains engulf the town as our heroes, the Misfits, arrive at its shores. The townspeople of Mayhemsville look confused - what drove the Misfits to enter this cursed town? In an attempt to learn more about what’s befallen this town, the Misfits engage with the residents. Our heroes soon learn that an evil faction, known as Team Mayhem, has conquered the land. The people of Mayhemsville are suffering, with little to no food and water to feed their family and loved ones. The Misfits are directed to the castle, wherein lies the leader of Team Mayhem, Mayhem Lord Scarlath. 



Fueled with courage and anger, the Misfits head toward the castle.  Upon reaching the entry gate, two Mayhem guards laugh at our heroes, forewarning of imminent death if they cross the entry gate weaponless. The Misfits ignore the advice and continue on, only to collide with another guard, Kracum.  Guard Kracum seems different from the moment the Misfits talk to him. He tells the Misfits that he wants Lord Scarlath vanquished, but is skeptical of their ability to complete the three challenges necessary to confront Mayhem’s abominable leader.  The Misfits are unfazed, knowing there is no task that is insurmountable. And our heroes were right! They conquered the challenges with ease and are now poised to meet Lord Scarlath.


A laughing Lord Scarlath sits boldly on his throne when the Misfits enter his lair. He finds it quite amusing that a crew of unarmed nobodies would be so bold to think they could dismantle the mighty Mayhem. To punish their naivete, Lord Scarlath hurls a flurry of fireballs at the Misfits, landing them all at death’s door. Guard Kracum, sensing their demise, casts a spell which teleports himself, along with the battered team, to nearby Fidget Town.When they fully materialize, Kracum conveys to the grateful Misfits that it is in this town where they can garner the weapons necessary to overthrow Lord Scarlath.  Kracum then quickly teleports back to Mayhemsville, not only before the Misfits can thank him, but also before his absence becomes known. 


Fidget Town is the physical antithesis of Mayhemsville, ladened with vibrant green pastures and clear blue skies. The Misfits see this as the perfect place for them to convalesce and strategize their next move against Lord Scarlath.  And so does the Mayor of Fidget Town, Mayor Asher, who welcomes them with open arms.  He, however, warns the Misfits of the dangers of battling Team Mayhem without a true army; and then suggests they recruit an army, if the team chooses to stand by Fidget Town when Team Mayhem strikes.  With no reluctance, the Misfits agree and Mayor Asher leads them to his advisor, Advisor Eva, for further instruction.  It is here where the Misfits learn that the path to join the army resides in one place: the IP of… where victory over Team Mayhem and herodome await!